We have finished our first game/project called Hyperfishing and are currently working on our second game called StreakyBaseball. Please check it out under 'Games'.
  • So-cal kick off ASA meeting
  • Presentation at the U.C. Riverside colloquium series
  • Presentation at the Claremont McKenna colloquium series
Statistic Games


  • A fun game about Capture-Recapture of fish to approximate the number of fish in the pond/lake.
  • Students will learn about the hypergeometric distribution and its applications as well as other basic statistical concepts such as estimation and confidence intervals.
  • Other applications of the hypergeometric Distribution, for example, are:
    1. Estimating the number of mountain lions in a state park
    2. Estimating the number of insects in a grove
  • This is just one estimation method in statistics; there are many other interesting distributions and analysis procedures in this field as well.





  • A fun game about baseball where you predict the number of games won in a season and the lengths of the longest winning and losing streaks.
  • Students will learn about the binomial distribution and its applications as well as other basic statistical concepts such as expected value, independence, Markov chains, and run tests.
  • Other applications of the binomial distribution, for example, are:
    1. Survey on preference between two products
    2. Successful free throws during a game
  • Other application of Markov chains, for example, are:
    1. Weather Prediction
    2. Stock Market Models





  • A fun game about probability where you can find out your chances of finding your ideal mate in cities all around the United States.
  • Students will learn about independent and joint probabilities, and about their various applications.
  • Other applications of the probabilities, for example, are:
    1. Finding marginal probabilities to determine most limiting factors
    2. Creating and using Venn Diagrams to better understand the relation between different factors



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