We have finished our first game/project called Hyperfishing and are currently working on our second game called StreakyBaseball. Please check it out under 'Games'.
  • So-cal kick off ASA meeting
  • Presentation at the U.C. Riverside colloquium series
  • Presentation at the Claremont McKenna colloquium series
A Little About Us

Our Mission

Our goal is to attract more high school students to choose Statistics as a major, and we aim to accomplish that by introducing various statistical concepts through innovative, fun games for high school students to play and learn with.

Who We Are

  Dr. Daniel R. Jeske, an Associate Professor and Director of the Statistical Consulting Collaboratory at the University of California, Riverside put together a team of students and faculties to find ways to make Statistics enjoyable for high school students. With other help from James Lin and Ted Younglove, we will develop fun statistical games to reach this objective.

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